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Oh yes, we are actually crawling the web, building our own search index. Call us crazy :-)

We believe that your privacy is your personal concern, and we want to make it easy for you to search the internet based on some common sense principles around privacy. That is why findx is totally independent and is being built the way it is. We will be the only truly independent, non-US hosted real search engine - not the common meta search engine that passes on your queries to Yahoo or Google behind your back. We will not track you in any way. We do not store your IP address and we do not keep a search history. What you search for on the Internet is your business only. Together with the open source community, we’re building and strengthening our privacy capabilities at every opportunity.

Making privacy a personal choice

Why build a European Search Engine?

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Europe is struggling with online privacy. Europe's data protection framework is not just important for the protection of European citizens, it is not just important for building trust in European businesses, it is also crucial as an international gold standard for data. findx wants to live by that gold standard.

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