What is Findx?

Findx is a search engine for users who value privacy. We do not collect information about you when you perform searches, unlike most other search engines. Please read the details in our Privacy Policy.

If you worry about companies creating invisible profiles of you based on your searches and internet browsing habits - Findx is for you.

Is the 'old' Findx back?

This is a re-launched version of Findx. Previously, we attempted to build our own open-source search engine which had its own search index (more about that here). This new version uses data from Microsoft (Bing). More things are in the works, but we cannot reveal more at this time.

Who is behind Findx?

Privacore, founded in 2015, is a privately owned company located in Holbaek, Denmark.

Privacore's owner, Brian Rasmusson, has a long history in IT as a developer of products and services ranging from access control and billing solutions for mobile operators, to successful Windows software and information portals.